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Pay Per Click Marketing  

  Knowing who to trust your Pay Per Click marketing to is by far the most important decision you will make once you have decided to pursue a PPC campaign. It's not simply enough to hire a company that has experience in the field of PPC. That company must have in-depth experience in multiple ad market places to be truly effective. Our advertising professionals have created campaigns for multiple industries and marketing venues.  OTG Online Marketing Campaign

  Of all the means to promote your website, none could be more important than creating top level positioning in the search engines. Google, Yahoo!, Bing, AOL, and many others are responsible for delivering more than 85% of new visitors to websites every day. Most of these visitors only click on the first few listings presented as a result for their keyword based search. The complex problem for new website owners is finding an immediate way to obtain these top listings. This is the problem that "Pay Per Click" marketing solves.

What is PPC?

   Pay Per Click campaigns are the most targeted and effective marketing program available for your website. It combines the ability for the website owner to dictate which keywords they want to list their website under, along with the targeting of specific geographic location of the users who may view the ads. Simply put, you will be allowed to list your website under any keyword, any phrase, and attain the top positions in search engine results related to your website.

  Of course, the caveat to this program is that costs are involved. In return for top rankings and priority placements, the advertisers (website owners) must pay a cost for every "click" incurred by the visitors who searches, finds, and clicks on your ad to visit your website. To clarify, these costs are only applicable to new website visitors and are only charged once per day, and only when a visitor is delivered to your website via these specific keyword placements.

  OTG Group reviews statistical data trends to identify the keywords that are ineffective at delivering new visitors to our client’s websites. We revise the marketing plan to remove the inefficiencies and retool the campaign to focus energy on niche keywords that deliver maximum return on investment. What are niche keywords? When launching an online PPC campaign with Google using broad keywords such as “Car Accident Attorney” will result in a $14.66 dollar per click cost.

OTG Group Google CPC Online PPC Marketing 

  By simply modifying the keywords to be more specific OTG Group can greatly reduce the per click cost and increase the number of visitors our clients attract without increasing their marketing budget. Contact us today and find out how we can help you achieve your online marketing goals.